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Guerre en Ukraine: déclaration conjointe de quelques associations pour les Nations Unies

A l’initiative de l’Association pour les Nations Unies des Pays-Bas, à la veille du premier anniversaire de l’agression contre l’Ukraine, quelques unes des associations européennes pour les Nations Unies, dont l’APNU, ont décidé de se joindre dans une déclaration commune pour demander la fin immédiate des hostilités et le retrait de la Fédération de Russie des territoires ukrainiens. Le texte de la déclaration est reproduit ci-dessous.

Joint Statement of United Nations Associations on the one year anniversary of the launch of Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine

24 February 2023

As the Russian Federation’s military offensive against Ukraine enters its second year, the undersigned United Nations Associations jointly call for an immediate cessation of the fighting and for the forces of the Russian Federation to end their violent and unjustified actions.

Over the years, the principles laid down in the Charter of the United Nations have become the bedrock of international relations. Their violation has shaken the confidence in the peaceful co-existence of nations and continues to cause great suffering in Ukraine and far beyond.

The undersigned United Nations Associations, therefore, support the efforts of the UN and other organisations which are committed to humanitarian principles in order to provide relief to the people in Ukraine and those who have fled the country. We call on all actors to respect international humanitarian law, which regulates the means and methods of warfare and offers protection to civilians. Protection must be extended to all affected and vulnerable communities. Only a holistic response can ensure that no one is left behind.

The undersigned United Nations Associations urge the Russian Federation to immediately cease the military offensive and withdraw from the occupied areas. We also encourage the investigation and prosecution of violations of international law and the resulting grave human rights violations, which have a lasting impact on civilians’ lives. Holding perpetrators accountable is crucial to uphold the law and guarantee effective remedies and reparations.

The events of recent months have proven that human solidarity is one of the greatest strengths in the times of crisis. Through joint action, the international community is able to restore peace and reaffirm the promises of the United Nations.

Co-signatories: UNA Belgium, UNA of Cyprus, UNA Denmark, UNA Germany, UNA Netherlands, UNA Norway, UNA Slovenia, UNA Spain

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